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Virus Removal


Is your computer running slow lately or are you finding unnecessary programs you never installed? Or are you getting weird ads whenever you try to open some website? If yes, then your computer might be infected with viruses. If you encounter such problems then stop using your computer right away to avoid more damage to your computer and call us for a quick virus removal service. We will remove all viruses and make sure you are protected from future viruses.

It’s pretty simple that one should never let a virus infect the computer, as it only gets worse by time and in worst case scenario, you might even end up losing you all files or corrupted.

At Guardianz, we have skilled technicians who can get rid of any kind of viruses and infections from computers. In very rare cases we have to format the drive and re install windows, as we are almost always capable of removing viruses easily, and of course after formatting it’s always not fun to set up everything again and start from the scratch. Once the cleanup done, you can then use your computer as it was before or even faster. We have the best virus removal squad anyway!

Do Windows PCs gets more infected with viruses than Macs?

Basically, Yes! As per users, there are more windows computers than Macs. So usually virus maker targets at large amount of users. That means if windows computers much targeted in comparison of macs, other than that it’s possible that viruses could only be created for particular operating systems too, so if its targeted for windows than it will infect most amount of windows PCs. Their goal is just to create chaos, and ours is to protect you from such infections.

Will I lose my files with virus removal??

Almost 99% of the time we will be able to clean up the system viruses without losing the files so there is no tension of losing the files. Normally there are no such viruses that we cannot stop. But in cases like the operating system is infected and it’s not booting up at all or may be your hardware is also faulty and as a final plan we only have an option to format and reinstall the operating system we can still recover the files before erasing it up. We can simply salvage your valuable data and then re-install the operating system. So, even if we have to format, we can still always save your files and set your computer free from viruses.

PC Virus Removal Process – How does it work?

  1. Visit our virus removal service center in Deira. Or book an appointment for our technician to visit your place? Call us today on 0553774571 or book online.
  2. Same day virus removal service. Without losing any programs or files.
  3. Free complimentary Anti-virus program for future virus protection.
  4. If virus comes back in 60 days then we remove it for free! 60 Days warranty.